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Blendy's 2012 Dress Knit-a-Long Pattern

The challenge begins!  Tash from Knitsch Yarns has set the rules:

The rules: Knit a dress. It can be any weight, it must reach past one’s bottom, and it must be finished by the end of 2012.”

I would love to knit a dress, so in the spirit of the challenge, I’ve designed a pattern for a dress that I want to make for myself, and I’m offering it as a free pattern to anyone who wants to join in!

(Note: I have not knitted this dress yet, so there is a chance of finding errors in the pattern.  I welcome any corrections!  Also, I wrote it at 5:30am during a sleepless night.)

Features of my dress, called New Year’s Eve (because it will be the perfect dress to wear next New Year’s Eve when I finally finish it that day!!):

  • Customizable to your body – try it on as you knit, and you choose the size of the shoulders, armholes, waistband, length etc
  • A cute peek-hole in the front
  • Stretchy stitch used in the top section
  • Firm waist-control area
  • Fun zig-zag chevron skirt
  • Skirt is fashionably shorter at the front (which also means less knitting!)
  • I’ve used some of my favourite stitches that feature in my books

Here is my attempt at a basic impression of what the dress will look something like. Also a picture of the sock wool I'm using for my dress.

You can download the PDF here

(Hmmm... it's 2014 and my dress is nowhere near done! I've been busy the last few years with Nickelodeon patterns and haven't done any knitting for 'me' - but I love this pattern and I will finish it - I've just added an update of what I've worked on recently while I've been overseas).


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