Blendy Knits

Sleeping Bag Mouse Pattern

When I was a child, my great-grandmother’s friend made me a little toy that I loved to play with – a mouse in a sleeping bag. I recently found it in my old toy box, and my children have been playing happily with my beaten up old knitted toy, and I decided to made an updated version!

And here it is, the Sleeping Bag Mouse. It’s a cute little baby toy that uses up 4ply odds and ends from your stash. The sleeping bag is knitted in one piece, including the pillow. The mouse is mostly knitted in one piece, except for the arms which poke out cutely from the sleeping bag. It is a fairly easy pattern – mostly knitted in the round to prevent seams, and some areas use Kitchener stitch to graft (or you could cast off and sew the seam if you prefer).

Pattern will be emailed to you.


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