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Blendy Knits Socks

New Zealand sock designer Belinda Too (Blendy) has created this collection of 16 socks for adults and children, with an ability level to suit all knitters. Sock knitting has a reputation for being very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be – eager beginners will be grafting their first baby sock in no time.

‘Blendy Knits Socks’ is ideal for lazy knitters (as Blendy self-professes she is) – too much complicated lace or cable makes a frustrating project – so these sock patterns mainly use clever stitches that are easy to remember, fast to knit, and best of all, look like you’ve got some absolutely incredible knitting skills! And, as an added bonus, Blendy also shows how you can turn any sock pattern into fabulous fingerless gloves.

‘Blendy Knits Socks’ includes technical advice plus hints and tips for sock knitting, and 16 patterns rated for beginner, intermediate and advanced knitting ability. A showcase of beautiful New Zealand sock yarns features throughout the book.  It’s a wonderful NZ crafting souvenir.

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Note About Sizing

No gauge has been supplied in the patterns, as honestly, who really knits a tension square for a sock?  I certainly don’t, so why should I expect you to?  The beauty about socks is that you can try them on as you go, and the instructions allow you to knit the leg and the foot as long or short as you like so it should be the right fit for you.  Wool is reasonably stretchy anyway.

The sizes given in the book are approximate NZ shoe sizes of the finished pictured sock, and are really only there to give an indication of the sizing around the calf and heel.  So if it says Size 6, that means it knits up quite small and is not a particularly stretchy design.  If you have bigger feet, then I suggest casting on enough extra stitches for an additional repeat of the leg pattern (depending on the pattern, it could be between 4 and 9 stitches).

Errata: Sporty Ankle Sock:

Unfortunately, despite successful test knitting and proof reading, sometimes there are unexpected errors that can occur at any stage in the production process of a book.  Apologies to anyone who has been having trouble with the heel turn of the Summer Sporty Ankle Sock.

Heel Turn Row 2 should read:
sl1, [k1tbl, p1] 3x, k1tbl, ssk, k1. Turn.

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